The Pretty Reckless xxxx
Felicia is the name I'm a stoner girl with many problems but hey whatever life sucks. I got no self esteem and I smoke lots of pot to help me not be sad. Usually I'm smokin a joint with a cig on the side cruisin around blasting music. Taylor Momsen is my favorite chick in the whole world and I wish I was her everyday of my life. Life is shit than you die. I hate the human race except for the few people I can call my best friends. If ya wanna get to know me message me some time. Instagram: prettyrecklessxo ; twitter: Highlystoopid ; Massroots 420MaryJane ✌️
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Spending my night ruining the free world

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How did this not win a fucking Oscar

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T’was the night before 4/20


When all through the house,
everyone was smoking, even the mouse.
Munchies waited by their loaded bowls with care,
In hopes that 4/20 soon would be there.

All the stoners lay passed out in their beds,
while visions of bong rips danced in their heads.

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